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Financial Leadership

Effective financial strategy: outsourced financial leadership

Why have a part-time finance director?

Any growing business must add the necessary financial expertise to their team, to prevent disaster and to grow sustainably. However, they often don’t have the requirement (or funds) to employ one full-time.

This is a dilemma, because once a business experiences the extra input of a finance director, they never look back.

You can draw on this invaluable expertise by allowing me into your company, to help shape it from the finances up. From as little as 1 day per month, you’ll gain 100% independent review, input and guidance. Both effective and cost-efficient, my role within your company is core financial strategy, based on decades of real-world experience.

You’ll gain:

  • An informed sounding board for your ideas
  • A dynamic skill-set beyond finance alone
  • Financial leadership based on years of experience
  • A knowledgeable business partner
  • Input that is truly independent from your day-to-day operation
  • A colleague who’s a ‘safe pair of hands’

Many business owners bring in bookkeepers, accountants and auditors to support their financial management but this only creates the illusion of financial leadership. Usually, this group deals with historical information, and true financial direction falls outside their remit.

The support and guidance that an experienced FD can offer is invaluable. My clients see immediate benefits, not least because a person with the right qualifications and experience has taken charge of their finances, to ensure progress – as opposed to simply keeping figures in order.


Executive Director of EGIAN (European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations)

You’ll be wondering about my experience and qualification to help shape your organisation. My expertise is based on decades of real-world experience, culminating in my recent posting as Executive Director for EGIAN.

As you may know, EGIAN is the official representative body for 24 global finance and accounting networks. Here, I’m positioned at Europe’s commercial centre, and am heavily involved in current financial and accounting standards. EGIAN presents these on behalf of its members, in order to influence key policy within the EU.

You can check my skills and career milestones, here >> (NEED LINK)

Contact me to make sure your business’ financials are developing and moving forward positively, with solid leadership and strategy. Call me directly on(0) +44 7519 660 092.

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